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Water Damage Services

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  • Water Damage, Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration

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    Water damage can be a frustrating and costly problem to have in your home or business. Burst pipes, sewer backups and heavy water seepage due to storms can all lead to water damage. The worst part about water damage is that it can linger long after the actual problem is resolved, destroying your possessions, damaging the structure of your home and even putting your family’s or employees’ health in jeopardy.

    When water damage strikes, don’t wait until it’s too late. WETCO is available to help your home or business around the clock, all year round. We know you can’t schedule a water emergency, so we make it our business to get to the root of the problem quickly and start the cleanup process fast!


    Some of the services we offer for Water Damage Cleanup:

    • Damage assessment and cleanup
    • Mold and mildew cleanup, removal and remediation
    • Documents Drying
    • De-humidification and cleaning
    • Belongings and structural drying
    • Decontamination
    • Sewage cleanup, removal and remediation
    • Complete Reconstruction Services
    • Odor Removal
    • Basement Drying
    • Emergency Board-Ups
  • Call Day Or Night
    Get Help Now!
    • 24 Hour Service
    • Fast Response Time
    • We Work Directly With Your Insurance
    • Minimal Downtime
  • The Science of Drying

    • Excess Water Removal

      We physically remove the water through the use of pumps and advanced extraction equipment.

    • Evaporation

      Our axial air movers use rapid, direct air flow to turn the water from a liquid state to a vapor state.

    • Dehumidification

      Our high capacity, low grain refrigerant and desicant dehumidifiers remove all of the moisture from the air.

    • Temperature Control

      We understand that managing the temperature directly effects the evaporation and dehumidification processes.

    Why Choose WETCO?

    Whether the source is a leaky pipe, toilet overflow or flooded basement, we will identify the source and provide full extraction, structural drying and water damage repair.

    A water disaster can be a scary and difficult thing to live through. When you call WETCO, you’re starting the clock on the race to getting your home or business back. We don’t just offer cleanup services, we offer peace of mind because you can be sure we’ll treat your belongings and property like it was our own. This ensures your treasured keepsakes, important documents and furniture will be preserved to the maximum possible degree.

    Good customer service simply isn’t good enough at WETO. We want to make absolutely sure you know what we’re doing at every phase, how we’re doing it and why. We want you to feel like a partner in the restoration of your home or business, not an observer. By keeping you informed of what’s going on, we cut down on the unpleasant surprises you may otherwise receive. It’s all part of our commitment to our clients to give you peace of mind by sending knowledgeable technicians who will make your remediation as fast, painless and stress-free as possible.

    • Fast Response Time – We are on location in under an hour for most locations in Connecticut
    • Full Service Restoration – We are fully licensed to complete your project from start to finish–from water extraction to full rebuilding
    • Minimal Downtime & Interruption – We will mitigate the damage to your property quickly with the express intention of minimizing the impact on your property and its occupants.
    • We Work Directly With Your Insurance – In order to make the quickest and smoothest process for you, we handle claims directly with your Insurance company.
    • Effective & Less Intrusive Methods – We understand these situations can be hard on owners and occupants. We use the best, most advanced equipment available for the industry to do our jobs quickly and efficiently.
    • Friendly, Trained Professionals – Our team is comprised of skilled people who place the highest importance on integrity, excellence, and reliability.